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2023 Bhai Dooj Day

Bhai Dooj 2023 in India

On the day of Shukla Paksha in the Vikram Hindu calendar, on the second day of kunae eclipse, Bhai Dooj, a Hindu festival, is observed. The celebration, also known as “Bhai Phonta,” “Bhai Tika,” “Bhau Beej,” and “Yama dwitiya,” is enthusiastically celebrated across the nation around Diwali.

In 2023, this festival is observed to be celebrated from 14th to 15th of November.

Bhaiya Dooj to Pray for their Brother

Sisters perform the Tika ritual and arti on Bhaiya Dooj to pray for their brothers’ long and good lives. The next tradition involves gift exchanging amongst brothers and sisters and receiving elders’ blessings. We know what you are thinking. Yes, you are right; this celebration is similar to Raksha Bandhan. On this auspicious occasion, sisters invite the brothers to a luxurious meal. The event represents a brother’s promise to keep his sister safe while the sister prays for her brother’s well-being, safety, and happiness. Different states have different names for this special festival. In West Bengal, the festival is known as ‘Bhai Phonta.’

Story of Bhai Dooj 2023

Numerous rituals are performed throughout the occasion. Sisters observe a fast that day till the ceremony is over. Before saying prayers for the brothers’ well-being, sisters put a tilak made of sandalwood, kajal, and ghee on their foreheads and light a Diya. On this occasion, a lavish feast is organized by the sisters.

Now that you know about the rituals of this festival, do you know the story behind it? Let us tell you.

On this day in the past, Goddess Yamuna is said to have served Yamraj at her residence. After that day, the Nar beings were freed from sin and torment and were allowed to live in hell as they pleased.

Together, they celebrated this major festival meant to bring joy to the Yamalok kingdom. Because of this, this day is known as Yama Dwitiya across the three worlds.
Additionally, on the day that Yamuna fed Yama at her home, everyone who eats the tastiest food from his sister’s hand on that day gains fortune and enjoys wonderful cuisine.

Bhai Dooj Date and Timing 2023
  • Dwitiya Tithi Start : 14 November 2022 at 02:36 PM
  • Dwitiya Tithi End : 15 November 2022 at 01:47 PM