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List of Kendriya Vidyalaya in Jammu 2024-25

जम्मू में केन्द्रीय विद्यालय स्कूलों की नवीनतम सूची 2024-25

Below is the most recent compilation of Kendriya Vidyalaya schools located in Jammu (Srinagar) for the academic year 2024-25. For your convenience, the official website links corresponding to each school are provided. By simply accessing the direct link associated with your desired KV school, you will be able to obtain detailed information regarding the admission process for class 1 in the academic year 2024-25.

KVS Jammu Admission 2024-25

Admission for the academic year 2024-2025 at Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan, Region Jammu (Srinagar), is now open. The regional office, located near the Government Hospital in Gandhi Nagar, Jammu, can be contacted for further information. The Jammu region is home to a total of 39 KV Schools, employing a dedicated workforce of 3,802 individuals. Currently, there are 1,14,738 students enrolled in various educational institutions within the Jammu Region.

KVS Jammu Regional Office

Organization Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan
Region Jammu
Address Near Govt. Hospital, Gandhi Nagar, Jammu – 180004
Website rojammu.kvs.gov.in
No. of Schools 39
No. of Cluster 5

KVS Jammu Region Schools List 2024-25

The commencement of the online admission process for Kendriya Vidyalaya in Jammu, for the academic year 2024-25, is scheduled for March 2024. We kindly request that all parents diligently follow the admission notification, which will be issued by the Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan (KVS) in the last week of February 2024. Within the Jammu region, there are a total of 39 Kendriya Vidyalaya schools, each having its own designated official website link. To access the comprehensive list of these schools, along with their respective official website links, please refer to the provided information below.

School Name Links
KV Doda Jodhpur Admission 2024-25
KV No.I Akhnoor Admission 2024-25
KV No.II Akhnoor Admission 2024-25
KV Aminoo Admission 2024-25
KV Anantnag Admission 2024-25
KV AFS Awantipura Admission 2024-25
KV Badarwah Admission 2024-25
KV (BSF) Bandipur Admission 2024-25
KV (CRPF) Bantalab Admission 2024-25
KV Baramula Admission 2024-25
KV Basoli (Lakhanpur) Admission 2024-25
KV Chenani Admission 2024-25
KV Dhamana Admission 2024-25
KV Hiranagar Admission 2024-25
KV BSF Humhama Admission 2024-25
KV Miran Sahib Admission 2024-25
KV No.I Gandhi Nagar (Jammu) Admission 2024-25
KV No.II Jammu Cantt Admission 2024-25
KV Jindrah Admission 2024-25
KV Jourian Admission 2024-25
KV (Shep) Jyotipuram Admission 2024-25
KV Kaluchak Admission 2024-25
KV Kargil Admission 2024-25
KV Kathua Admission 2024-25
KV Kishtwar Admission 2024-25
KV Leh Admission 2024-25
KV Nagrota Admission 2024-25
KV Nubra Admission 2024-25
KV Pahalgaon Admission 2024-25
KV Central University Of Jammu Admission 2024-25
KV (BSF) Rajouri Admission 2024-25
KV Samba Admission 2024-25
KV No. I Srinagar Admission 2024-25
KV (AFS) No.II Srinagar Admission 2024-25
KV BSF No.III Panthachowk Srinagar Admission 2024-25
KV BSF Sunderbani Admission 2024-25
KV No.I Udhampur Admission 2024-25
KV No. II Udhampur Admission 2024-25
KV Uri Admission 2024-25

KVS Jammu Region Website Link

Sr. No. School Name Links
1 KV Dodajodhpur dodajodhpur.kvs.ac.in
2 KV No.I Akhnoor no1akhnoor.kvs.ac.in
3 KV No.Ii Akhnoor no2akhnoor.kvs.ac.in
4 KV Aminoo aminoo.kvs.ac.in
5 KV Anantnag anantnag.kvs.ac.in
6 KV AFS Awantipura afsawantipura.kvs.ac.in
7 KV Badarwah badarwah.kvs.ac.in
8 KV (BSF) Bandipur bsfbandipur.kvs.ac.in
9 KV (CRPF) Bantalab crpfbantalab.kvs.ac.in
10 KV Baramula baramula.kvs.ac.in
11 KV Basoli (Lakhanpur) lakhanpur.kvs.ac.in
12 KV Chenani chenani.kvs.ac.in
13 KV Dhamana dhamana.kvs.ac.in
14 KV Hiranagar hiranagar.kvs.ac.in
15 KV BSF Humhama humhamabsf.kvs.ac.in
16 KV Miran Sahib miransahib.kvs.ac.in
17 KV No.I Gandhi Nagar (Jammu) no1jammu.kvs.ac.in
18 KV No.II Jammu Cantt no2jammucantt.kvs.ac.in
19 KV Jindrah jindrah.kvs.ac.in
20 KV Jourian jourian.kvs.ac.in
21 KV (Shep) Jyotipuram jyotipuram.kvs.ac.in
22 KV Kaluchak kaluchak.kvs.ac.in
23 KV Kargil kargil.kvs.ac.in
24 KV Kathua kathua.kvs.ac.in
25 KV Kishtwar kishtwar.kvs.ac.in
26 KV Leh leh.kvs.ac.in
27 KV Nagrota nagrota.kvs.ac.in
28 KV Nubra nubra.kvs.ac.in
29 KV Pahalgaon pahalgaon.kvs.ac.in
30 KV Central University Of Jammu curahyasuchani.kvs.ac.in
31 KV (BSF) Rajouri bsfrajouri.kvs.ac.in
32 KV Samba samba.kvs.ac.in
33 KV No. I Srinagar no1srinagar.kvs.ac.in
34 KV (AFS) No.II Srinagar no2srinagar.kvs.ac.in
35 KV BSF No.III Panthachowk Srinagar no3srinagarbsf.kvs.ac.in
36 KV BSF Sunderbani bsfsunderbani.kvs.ac.in
37 KV No.I Udhampur no1udhampur.kvs.ac.in
38 KV No. II Udhampur no2udhampur.kvs.ac.in
39 KV Uri uri.kvs.ac.in