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List of Kendriya Vidyalaya in Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh) 2024-25

List of Kendriya Vidyalaya in Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh) 2024-25

List of Kendriya Vidyalaya in Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh) 2024-25: Here is the latest and most up-to-date list of Kendriya Vidyalaya schools in Lucknow, a city in Uttar Pradesh, for the academic year 2024-25. These schools provide quality education and have been recognized for their excellence. To make it easier for you to access information about each school, we have included the official website links below. By clicking on the direct link of your desired KV school, you will be able to gather all the necessary details regarding the admission process for class 1 in the upcoming academic year, 2024-25.

KVS Lucknow Admission 2024-25

KVS Lucknow Admission 2024-25 brings exciting opportunities for students in the Lucknow region of Uttar Pradesh. Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan, an esteemed educational organization, is at the helm of this admission process. Located in Sector – J, Aliganj, Lucknow, the regional office is the hub of educational excellence. With a total of 48 KV Schools in Lucknow Region, students have a multitude of options to choose from. The dedicated team of 1,638 employees works tirelessly to provide a nurturing and enriching environment for the 69,802 students studying in the Lucknow Region. The admission process is a gateway to exceptional education, promising a bright future for young minds.

KVS Lucknow Regional Office

Organization Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan
Region Lucknow
State Uttar Pradesh
Address Regional Office Sector – J, Aliganj Lucknow, UP – 226024
Website rolucknow.kvs.gov.in
No. of Schools 48
No. of Cluster 6

KVS Lucknow Region Schools List 2024-25

The commencement of the online admission process for Kendriya Vidyalaya in Lucknow, for the academic year 2024-25, is scheduled for March 2024. We kindly request that all parents diligently follow the admission notification, which will be issued by the Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan (KVS) in the last week of February 2024. Within the Lucknow region, there are a total of 48  Kendriya Vidyalaya schools, each having its own designated official website link. To access the comprehensive list of these schools, along with their respective official website links, please refer to the provided information below.

KV Lucknow Regional Office

School Name Links
KV Madhupuri Admission 2024-25
KV Sumerpur Admission 2024-25
KV CRPF (Bijnour) Admission 2024-25
KV (NTPC) Dibyapur Admission 2024-25
KV AFS Bakshi Ka Talab Admission 2024-25
KV Lucknow Cantt Admission 2024-25
KV (AMC) Lucknow Admission 2024-25
KV Aliganj Admission 2024-25
KV OEF Taigoar Road Kanpur Admission 2024-25
KV Kanpur Rakshavihar Admission 2024-25
KV Lakhimpur Kheri Admission 2024-25
KV Gomti Nagar Admission 2024-25
KV IIM Campus Admission 2024-25
KV Pilibhit Admission 2024-25
KV Rae Bareli Admission 2024-25
KV No.1 Shahjahanpur Cantt Admission 2024-25
KV (AFS) Memaura Admission 2024-25
KV M.C.F. Raebreilly Admission 2024-25
KV RDSO Lucknow Admission 2024-25
KV SGPGI Lucknow Admission 2024-25
KV Mati Akabarpur Admission 2024-25
KV (IIT) Kanpur Admission 2024-25
KV No.2 Chakeri Admission 2024-25
KV Bareilly Ivri Admission 2024-25
KV (JLA)Bareilly Admission 2024-25
KV (JRC) Bareilly Admission 2024-25
KV (IFFCO) Aonla Bareilly Admission 2024-25
KV (AFS) Bareilly Admission 2024-25
KV Badaun Admission 2024-25
KV Balrampur Admission 2024-25
KV Barabanki Admission 2024-25
KV (NER) Izzat Nagar Bareilly Admission 2024-25
KV Faizabad Cantt Admission 2024-25
KV Kanpur Cantt Admission 2024-25
KV No.1 Chakeri Kanpur Admission 2024-25
KV No.2 Chakeri Admission 2024-25
KV No.2 Armapur Kanpur Admission 2024-25
KV No.1 Armapur Kanpur Admission 2024-25
KV Fateh Garh Admission 2024-25
KV Hardoi Admission 2024-25
KV (BHEL) Jagdishpur Admission 2024-25
KV (OCF) No.2 Shahjahanpur Admission 2024-25
KV Shivgarh Raebareli Admission 2024-25
KV Unnao Admission 2024-25
KV Shrawasti Admission 2024-25
KV Sitapur Admission 2024-25
KV SSB Campus Gadania Palia Kalan Admission 2024-25
KV 59 BN SSB Nanpara Bahraich Admission 2024-25

KVS Lucknow Region Website Link

Sr. No. School Name Links
1 KV Madhupuri madhupuri.kvs.ac.in
2 KV Sumerpur sumerpur.kvs.ac.in
3 KV CRPF (Bijnour) crpfbijnour.kvs.ac.in
4 KV (NTPC) Dibyapur ntpcdibyapur.kvs.ac.in
5 KV AFS Bakshi Ka Talab afsbakshikatalab.kvs.ac.in
6 KV Lucknow Cantt lucknowcantt.kvs.ac.in
7 KV (AMC) Lucknow amclucknow.kvs.ac.in
8 KV Aliganj aliganj.kvs.ac.in
9 KV OEF Taigoar Road Kanpur oefkanpur.kvs.ac.in
10 KV Kanpur Rakshavihar kanpurrakshavihar.kvs.ac.in
11 KV Lakhimpur Kheri lakhimpurkheri.kvs.ac.in
12 KV Gomti Nagar gomtinagar.kvs.ac.in
13 KV IIM Campus iimcampus.kvs.ac.in
14 KV Pilibhit pilibhit.kvs.ac.in
15 KV Rae Bareli raebareli.kvs.ac.in
16 KV No.1 Shahjahanpur Cantt no1shahjahanpur.kvs.ac.in
17 KV (AFS) Memaura afsmemaura.kvs.ac.in
18 KV M.C.F. Raebreilly raebreillymcf.kvs.ac.in
19 KV RDSO Lucknow rdsolucknow.kvs.ac.in
20 KV SGPGI Lucknow sgpgilucknow.kvs.ac.in
21 KV Mati Akabarpur matiakabarpur.kvs.ac.in
22 KV (IIT) Kanpur iitkanpur.kvs.ac.in
23 KV No.2I Chakeri no3chakeri.kvs.ac.in
24 KV Bareilly Ivri ivribareilly.kvs.ac.in
25 KV (JLA)Bareilly jlabareilly.kvs.ac.in
26 KV (JRC) Bareilly jrcbareilly.kvs.ac.in
27 KV (IFFCO) Aonla Bareilly iffcobareilly.kvs.ac.in
28 KV (AFS) Bareilly afsbareilly.kvs.ac.in
29 KV Badaun budaun.kvs.ac.in
30 KV Balrampur balrampur.kvs.ac.in
31 KV Barabanki barabanki.kvs.ac.in
32 KV (NER) Izzat Nagar Bareilly nerizzatnagar.kvs.ac.in
33 KV Faizabad Cantt faizabadcantt.kvs.ac.in
34 KV Kanpur Cantt kanpurcantt.kvs.ac.in
35 KV No.1 Chakeri Kanpur no1kanpur.kvs.ac.in
36 KV No.2 Chakeri no2chakeri.kvs.ac.in
37 KV No.2 Armapur Kanpur no2kanpur.kvs.ac.in
38 KV No.1 Armapur Kanpur no1armapur.kvs.ac.in
39 KV Fateh Garh fatehgarh.kvs.ac.in
40 KV Hardoi hardoi.kvs.ac.in
41 KV (BHEL) Jagdishpur jagdishpurbhel.kvs.ac.in
42 KV (OCF) No.2 Shahjahanpur no2shahjahanpur.kvs.ac.in
43 KV Shivgarh Raebareli shivgarhraebareli.kvs.ac.in
44 KV Unnao unnao.kvs.ac.in
45 KV Shrawasti shrawasti.kvs.ac.in
46 KV Sitapur sitapur.kvs.ac.in
47 KV SSB Campus Gadania Palia Kalan ssbpaliakalan.kvs.ac.in
48 KV 59 BN SSB Nanpara Bahraich bahraich.kvs.ac.in