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List of Kendriya Vidyalaya in Gurgaon (Haryana) 2024-25

Latest List of Kendriya Vidyalaya Schools in Gurgaon 2024-25

Here is the latest, up-to-date list of Kendriya Vidyalaya schools in Gurgaon for the academic year 2024-25. These schools, located in Gurgaon, Haryana, provide quality education to students. To access more information about each school, including admission procedures for class 1 in the upcoming academic year, simply click on the respective official website links provided below. By clicking on the direct link of your chosen KV school, you will be able to gather all the necessary details you need for the admission process in 2024-25.

KVS Gurgaon Admission 2024-25

The Gurgaon Region School List for the academic year 2024-25 is a comprehensive compilation of all the schools under the purview of Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan (KVS) in the Gurgaon region of Haryana. The regional office of KVS, situated in KV No.1 on the AFS Campus in Sector-14, Gurugram, plays a pivotal role in managing and overseeing the functioning of these schools. With its impressive infrastructure and modern facilities, the Gurgaon Region comprises a total of 60 KV schools, which provide quality education to a vast number of students. These schools are staffed by a dedicated team of 2,490 employees, including highly qualified teachers, administrative personnel, and support staff, who work tirelessly to ensure the smooth operation of the educational institutions. Currently, there are 51,677 students enrolled in the KV schools of Gurgaon Region, benefitting from the excellent academic programs, extracurricular activities, and state-of-the-art facilities offered by these institutions. From science and technology to arts and sports, the KV schools in Gurgaon Region strive to provide a nurturing and inclusive environment where students can develop their talents, achieve academic excellence, and prepare for a successful future.

KVS Gurgaon Regional Office

Organization Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan
Region Gurgaon
State Haryana
Address AFS Campus, Sector 14, Gurugram, Haryana – 122001
Website rogurgaon.kvs.gov.in
No. of Schools 61
No. of Cluster 10

KVS Gurgaon Region Schools List 2024-25

The commencement of the online admission process for Kendriya Vidyalaya in Gurgaon, for the academic year 2024-25, is scheduled for March 2024. We kindly request that all parents diligently follow the admission notification, which will be issued by the Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan (KVS) in the last week of February 2024. Within the Gurgaon region, there are a total of 61 Kendriya Vidyalaya schools, each having its own designated official website link. To access the comprehensive list of these schools, along with their respective official website links, please refer to the provided information below.

School Name Links
KV CRPF Sonepat Admission 2024-25
KV Alhilal Admission 2024-25
KV No.I Ambala Cantt Admission 2024-25
KV No.II Ambala Cantt Admission 2024-25
KV No.III Ambala Cantt Admission 2024-25
KV No.IV Ambala Cantt Admission 2024-25
KV Bakloh Admission 2024-25
KV Bangana Admission 2024-25
KV NHPC Dalhousie Cantt Banikhet Admission 2024-25
KV Bhakli Admission 2024-25
KV Bhanala Admission 2024-25
KV Budayan Jind Admission 2024-25
KV NHPC No.I Hep Chamera Admission 2024-25
KV No. II Chamera Admission 2024-25
KV No.I Chandimandir Admission 2024-25
KV No.Ii Chandimandir Admission 2024-25
KV Dharamshala Cantt Admission 2024-25
KV No.I Faridabad Admission 2024-25
KV No.II Faridabad Admission 2024-25
KV No.III Faridabad Admission 2024-25
KV Fatehabad Admission 2024-25
KV Ghumarwin Admission 2024-25
KV (AFS) No. I Gurgaon Admission 2024-25
KV Sohna Road No.Ii Gurgaon Admission 2024-25
KV Hamirpur Admission 2024-25
KV Harsinghpura Admission 2024-25
KV Hissar Cantt Admission 2024-25
KV Jhajjar Admission 2024-25
KV Jutogh Admission 2024-25
KV Karnal Admission 2024-25
KV (AFS) Kasauli Admission 2024-25
KV Keylong Lahaul Spiti Admission 2024-25
KV Mandi Admission 2024-25
KV (NSG) Manesar Admission 2024-25
KV Matanhail Admission 2024-25
KV Mathana Admission 2024-25
KV Nadaun (Hp) Admission 2024-25
KV Nahara Admission 2024-25
KV Naleti Admission 2024-25
KV Palampur Admission 2024-25
KV Paluwas Admission 2024-25
KV Palwal Admission 2024-25
KV (CRPF) Pinjore Admission 2024-25
KV Raghunathpura (Narnaul) Admission 2024-25
KV ITBP Ramgarh Ambala Admission 2024-25
KV Recong Peo Admission 2024-25
KV Rewari Admission 2024-25
KV Rohtak Admission 2024-25
KV Sainj Admission 2024-25
KV (Santokhgarh) Saloh Admission 2024-25
KV Samalkha Beholi Admission 2024-25
KV Sandhol Admission 2024-25
KV ITBP Sarhan Admission 2024-25
KV Shimla Admission 2024-25
KV (AFS) No.I Sirsa Admission 2024-25
KV No. II Sirsa Admission 2024-25
KV Subathu Admission 2024-25
KV Yol Cantt Admission 2024-25
KV CRPF (Kadarpur) Admission 2024-25
KV Bilaspur Yamunanagar Admission 2024-25

KVS Gurgaon Region Website Link

Sr. No. School Name Links
1 KV CRPF Sonepat gccrpfsonepat.kvs.ac.in
2 KV Alhilal alhilal.kvs.ac.in
3 KV No.I Ambala Cantt no1ambalacantt.kvs.ac.in
4 KV No.II Ambala Cantt no2ambalacantt.kvs.ac.in
5 KV No.III Ambala Cantt no3ambalacantt.kvs.ac.in
6 KV No.IV Ambala Cantt no4ambalacantt.kvs.ac.in
7 KV Bakloh bakloh.kvs.ac.in
8 KV Bangana bangana.kvs.ac.in
9 KV NHPC Dalhousie Cantt Banikhet banikhet.kvs.ac.in
10 KV Bhakli bhakli.kvs.ac.in
11 KV Bhanala bhanala.kvs.ac.in
12 Kedriya Vidyalaya Budayan Jind budayanjind.kvs.ac.in
13 KV NHPC No.I Hep Chamera no1chamera.kvs.ac.in
14 KV No. II Chamera no2chamera.kvs.ac.in
15 KV No.I Chandimandir no1chandimandir.kvs.ac.in
16 KV No.Ii Chandimandir no2chandimandir.kvs.ac.in
17 KV Dharamshala Cantt dharamshalacantt.kvs.ac.in
18 KV No.I Faridabad no1faridabad.kvs.ac.in
19 KV No.II Faridabad no2faridabad.kvs.ac.in
20 KV No.III Faridabad no3faridabad.kvs.ac.in
21 KV Fatehabad fatehabad.kvs.ac.in
22 KV Ghumarwin ghumarwin.kvs.ac.in
23 KV (AFS) No. I Gurgaon afsno1gurgaon.kvs.ac.in
24 KV Sohna Road No.Ii Gurgaon no2gurgaon.kvs.ac.in
25 KV Hamirpur hamirpur.kvs.ac.in
26 KV Harsingpura harsingpura.kvs.ac.in
27 KV Hissar Cantt hissarcantt.kvs.ac.in
28 KV Jhajjar jhajjar.kvs.ac.in
29 KV Jutogh jutogh.kvs.ac.in
30 KV Karnal karnal.kvs.ac.in
31 KV (AFS) Kasauli afskasauli.kvs.ac.in
32 KV Keylong Lahaul Spiti keylonglahaulspiti.kvs.ac.in
33 KV Mandi mandi.kvs.ac.in
34 KV (NSG)Manesar nsgmanesar.kvs.ac.in
35 KV Matanhail matanhail.kvs.ac.in
36 KV Mathana mathana.kvs.ac.in
37 KV Nadaun (Hp) nadaunhp.kvs.ac.in
38 KV Nahara nahara.kvs.ac.in
39 KV Naleti naleti.kvs.ac.in
40 KV Palampur palampur.kvs.ac.in
41 KV Paluwas paluwas.kvs.ac.in
42 KV Palwal palwal.kvs.ac.in
43 KV (CRPF) Pinjore crpfpinjore.kvs.ac.in
44 KV Raghunathpura (Narnaul) raghunathpura.kvs.ac.in
45 KV ITBP Ramgarh Ambala ramgarhitbp.kvs.ac.in
46 KV Recong Peo recongpeo.kvs.ac.in
47 KV Rewari rewari.kvs.ac.in
48 KV Rohtak rohtak.kvs.ac.in
49 KV Sainj sainj.kvs.ac.in
50 KV (Santokhgarh) Saloh santokhgarhsaloh.kvs.ac.in
51 KV Samalkha Beholi samalkhabeholi.kvs.ac.in
52 KV Sandhol sandhol.kvs.ac.in
53 KV ITBP Sarhan itbpsarhan.kvs.ac.in
54 KV Shimla shimla.kvs.ac.in
55 KV (AFS) No.I Sirsa afsno1sirsa.kvs.ac.in
56 KV No. II Sirsa no2sirsa.kvs.ac.in
57 KV Subathu subathu.kvs.ac.in
58 KV Yol Cantt yolcantt.kvs.ac.in
59 KV CRPF (Kadarpur) crpfkadarpur.kvs.ac.in
60 KV Bilaspur Yamunanagar bilaspuryamunanagar.kvs.ac.in