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India Christmas Festival Calendar 2023

Christmas Festival Date Calendar 2023 in India

We all love Christmas!

Christmas is one of those celebrations that are enjoyed by everyone, regardless of their religion. As a way of remembering Jesus’ birth, we celebrate Christmas. It is an occasion when friends and family gather together to celebrate their blessings. One of the largest festivals that are recognized around the world is Christmas.

Christmas on 25th December 2023 Monday

In 2023, Christmas is celebrated on 25th December, Monday, and has special religious importance for Christians since they believe God sent his son, Jesus, to earth. Christians, therefore, perform religious customs and rituals during the Christmas season. We all celebrate the birthday of Jesus Christ, but in reality, it symbolizes the reality of spiritual life. The world was filled with hatred, greed, ignorance, and hypocrisy when Jesus Christ was born. People’s lives were transformed as a result of his birth. He conveyed to people the value of spirituality, chastity, and dedication and how they could improve their lives. The Christmas holiday demonstrates that a life filled with knowledge and light can overcome the evil that has crept into every part of the world.

Christmas Eve 2023

Jesus Christ encouraged people to seek spiritual awakening if they wanted to experience it. He taught them that happiness comes from within, not from the things we search for externally and that they should live a modest and simple life and give up the craving for earthly pleasures. India and other countries celebrate Christmas Eve according to their traditions and customs. Attending the Midnight Mass Church Service is one of the most popular customs.

In many nations, Christmas Eve is observed without food or drink, with the big supper following the Midnight Mass. Christmas is a time to enjoy exquisite dishes and delicacies like Christmas cake and pastries with friends and family, similar to many traditional occasions and celebrations in India.

Christmas Carols to Jesus

People follow the custom of dedicating their singing of Christmas carols to Jesus in a way that expresses their love for Him. They set up a beautiful Christmas tree and decorate it with ornaments and sparkling fairy lights. It creates a joyous atmosphere and energizes people’s hearts.

Nothing, of course, compares to the joy of sharing Christmas gifts with close friends and family, who brighten up the celebration. Many begin creating Christmas decorations well in advance by decorating their homes with lights and Christmas symbolism like bells, wreaths, stars, candy canes, and candles.
In India, food is the main highlight of Christmas! Lavish Christmas buffets with all the favorites are served at top hotels in India. Also, India has many places tastefully decorated with lights and other decorations for Christmas.