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7th Pay Commission Matrix Table, Level 1 to 18, Hand Salary, Pay Scale Structure

The 7th Pay Commission Pay Matrix Table for Central Govt Employees was designed to meet the growing competition for human resources in the government sector. This new system replaces the former grade pay structure, assigning levels to functional roles in the hierarchy. The matrix has two dimensions – a horizontal range and a vertical range – representing a functional role and pay progression respectively. It simplifies the process of determining pay by eliminating complex annual progression, promotion, and span of service calculations.

VII CPC Pay Matrix Table Overview

Topic Pay Matrix Table
Beneficiaries Central Govt Employees
Developed By 7th Pay Commission
Implemented on 1.1.2016
Cells 760
Columns 40 Index
Rows 19 Levels (Including 13A)

7th Pay Matrix Table for Central Govt Employees

The Pay Matrix Table in the 7th Pay Commission is applicable for over 30 lakh central government employees and includes 760 cells with 19 columns and 40 rows, showing the functional role in the hierarchy and pay progression within each level. The Aykroyd formula or 15th ILC norms determine the minimum pay, and this system also aids in calculating pensions.

Highlights of 7th CPC Pay Matrix Table

Prior to the implementation of the 7th pay commission, basic salary fitment tables were provided on a post-wise or cadre-wise basis to determine the basic pay when transitioning from the old pay commission to the new pay commission. These tables were available for employees across various central government departments. However, the 7th pay matrix table simplifies the process by providing comprehensive answers to all queries in a single chart.

The new Pay Matrix now incorporates common demands from stakeholders, including entry-level employees receiving common pay, a rationalization of the existing grade pay structure, and a transparent pay structure. This table is easy to understand with a single fitment table and offers greater transparency and ease of administration. The benefits of the Pay Matrix Table include merging pay bands and grade pay into one comprehensive table, resolving many problems, decreasing differences between pay bands, and effectively streamlining the administration process. The HAG Pay Matrix Table is intended for Group A Officers and represents the highest salary scale available to central government employees.

Increment Calculation in 7th Pay Matrix Table

The 7th Pay Matrix Table has a crucial feature – an index that determines the pay hierarchy of an employee’s post. It simplifies the process of calculating annual increments, which are given every Jan or Jul. There’s no need to manually calculate 3% of one’s basic pay each time. Instead, refer to the table which has all the necessary information. The difference in cell values between two cells at the same level is approximately 3%, which may vary slightly.

There are various categories within the 7th CPC Pay Matrix Table, and the Fitment factor for specific pay levels has been adjusted to meet the commission’s recommendations to all CG employees. To obtain a copy of the revised and pre-revised PDF download of the 7th Pay Commission (7th CPC) Revised Pay Matrix, please refer to relevant sources.

Implementation of 7th CPC Pay Matrix Table

When Central government employees first saw the 7th pay matrix table in the report, many of them found it ridiculous! However, after a few days, they realized that the table’s innovative design could help address many of the pay anomalies they faced.

The 7th Pay Commission Pay Matrix Table for Central Govt Employees was introduced in March 2023 to provide a comprehensive overview of the salary structure for government employees in India. The Pay Matrix Table is a user-friendly chart that displays all pay levels in one place, making it easier for employees to understand their pay scales. Additionally, the Pay Calculator assists employees in understanding the salary increases announced in the Government of India Gazette Notification dated July 25, 2016, moving from the 6th to the 7th CPC.

Seventh Pay Commission Fitment Factor Table

The 7th pay matrix table fitment factor is a crucial element in determining the basic salary of central government employees and officers. It is calculated using a formula that utilizes the value of 2.57. This factor is used to convert the basic salary from the 6th CPC to the 7th CPC for all employees. The 6th CPC had recommended a fitment rate of 1.86.

The 7th Pay Commission Fitment Factor determines the basic salary of Central Government employees. Unlike the 6th CPC’s recommended ratio of 1.86, the 7th CPC proposed a uniform fitment benefit of 2.57 for all employee groups. Check out the table below for a summary of the recommended Fitment Factors, their Linking Factors, and the commission that proposed them:
6th CPC Fitment Factor (Linking Factor) – 1.86
7th CPC Fitment Factor (Linking Factor) – 2.57
8th CPC Fitment Factor (Linking Factor) – 2.90 (Expected)

New 7th CPC Basic Pay Structure

The remuneration basic pay framework for new 7th Pay Levels 1 to 18 indicates that the starting salary for Pay Level 1 is Rs 18,000 while the ending salary is Rs 56,900.

Salary for Pay Level 1 to 5 (Pay Band-I GP 1800 to 2800)

The 1st pay level offers a starting salary of Rs 18,000 and a final salary of Rs 56,900. Moving on to the second pay level, employees can expect an initial salary of Rs 19,900 and a final salary of Rs 63,200. The salary range for the third pay level begins at Rs 21,700 and goes up to Rs 69,100. The minimum salary for the fourth pay level is Rs 25,500 while the maximum salary is Rs 81,100. Lastly, the fifth pay level provides a basic salary of Rs 29,200, which can go up to Rs 92,300 as the final salary.

Salary for Pay Level 6 to 9 (Pay Band-II GP 4200 to 5400)

Pay Level 6 offers an initial salary of Rs 35,400 and a final salary of Rs 1,12,400. Meanwhile, Pay Level 7 has a minimum salary of Rs 44,900 with a maximum of Rs 1,42,400. For Pay Level 8, the basic salary starts at Rs 47,600 and reaches up to Rs 1,51,100. Lastly, the basic salary for Pay Level 8 begins at Rs 53,100 and peaks at Rs 1,67,800.

Salary for Pay Level 10 to 12 (Pay Band-III GP 5400 to 7600)

The initial remuneration for Pay Level 10 is Rs 65100, and the final compensation is Rs 177500. On the other hand, Pay Level 11 provides a minimum salary of Rs 67700, with a maximum salary of Rs 208700. Lastly, the fundamental salary for Pay Level 12 stands at Rs 78800, with a concluding compensation of Rs 209200.

Minimum & Maximum Salary in Pay Matrix Table

In Central Government services, the 7th pay matrix table stipulates a minimum basic salary of Rs. 18,000 for pay level 1, whereas pay level 18 has a maximum basic salary of Rs. 2,50,000.

Advantages of 7th Pay Matrix Table

The 7th Pay Matrix Table is the key to determining the basic salary of over 30 lakh Central Government employees. All employees, regardless of rank or position, fall within this matrix. Whether you’re a low-level employee or a higher officer cadre under the central government, you can easily discover your basic salary using the 7th pay matrix table.

7th Pay Matrix Table for Central Government Employees PDF Download
7th Pay Matrix Table for Central Government Employees PDF Download

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